Finding a bra that feels good, looks sexyish, and sets up my boobs above my lower ribs has been a mission of mine.

So here are my personal findings:

Australia and New Zealand are much healthier in their attitudes about women (from a pelvic health, age, and underwear standpoint). Canada is much more inclusive and showcases women in their full range of age, body, gender. The United States rocks for younger women. Europe offers some great lingerie.* (I am excited to check out the Middle East, China and Russia)


  • Good looking
  • No lift

For when you want to look and feel like you’re not wearing a bra


  • Good looking
  • No lift
  • For when you want to look like you’re not wearing a bra and you want to feel like your straps are bugging the shit out of you.**

My girls in their 20 are psyched to get my bras from Coobie and Cosabella.


  • Beautiful and flattering.
  • Sometimes itchy.
  • Sometimes comfy.
  • Sometimes it seems like a scratchy piece of lace doing nothing over my boobs other than causing me to scratch my boobs all the time.
  • Some of the panties are amazing.
  • I ONLY BUY ON SALE STUFF – so I may not have tried their best.

Lonely is good when you want to be this hot older woman who is loving the body she’s in.  I want it to feel nice too. The bra I got makes me miserable, the panties rock.


I really want these to work. The models look so cool in their products.

  • Good looking
  • No support and kinda awkward (boobs fall out when you bend over) and panties are uncomfortable.
  • I’m not sure how the large feels like a small.

Yeah, how to not like your underwear.


  • Really good products
  • Comfortable and supportive but doesn’t have the game my ego craves.

They make me feel my age. Which is fine, sort of. It’s less bra and more acceptance.


  • Really comfortable and good support.
  • I like these bras, more than I thought I would.
  • I’d err on the smaller band size. I wear two band sizes. 36 and 38. I went 38 because I was worried about being squeezed in – but the band is looser than I’d like and sometimes the wires slide up leaving the lower boob unsupported, requiring a grab and adjust.
  • There are some cute patterns.

Third Love

  • I like what I’ve gotten from here.
  • I get one of the half sizes so that’s nice.

True and Company

  • I haven’t tried it yet but lots of people like them.
  • It’s probably worth giving a shot.


  • Good product, good looking, they have game.
  • A classic.
  • I’m not drawn to it – probably because I am still searching for that magic bra.

Today I continue to flip between seeking the magic bra and considering my participation in the patriarchy.

I continue to seek the support we need as we become wise, clear and powerful with age.

*These are all oversimplifications and you can find exceptions all over.
** if your shoulder blades lay flat on your back the straps may not bug the shit out of you.

NOTE: I have included links in this post. None of these companies are paying me to mention, review, or link to their products.